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About Us


Re-live the ancient Amazonic rituals where cacao was born with premium Ecuadorian chocolate that enlightens the body and mind.
The mission of Zachi is to transform the way people consume chocolate by offering healthy and organic premium chocolate made from the best cacao in the world, Fine Aroma Ecuadorian Cacao.
Be the most delicious, healthy, and sustainable chocolate brand that every American chocolate lover wants in their home. Inspire and implement solutions for small Ecuadorian communities and provide environmental support to the Ecuadorian Amazon.


  • Ensure a healthy and high quality product made with the best ingredients
  • Support sustainable practices
  • Work with small Ecuadorian communities to help improve their economy and lifestyle
  • Conserve and support the Amazon Rainforest environment
  • Conduct business under fair trade practices


We work with small farms under fair trade practices to ensure we obtain the highest quality ingredients while also supporting local Ecuadorian communities.
Our packaging is EARTH PACT® certified, made with sugarcane fiber as the basic raw material.
The EARTH PACT® is a tree-free paper and paperboard, made from 100% sugarcane fibers. Sugarcane fibers are the waste from the sugar production process after the sweet juice is extracted from the sugar cane plant. The fibers are then upcycled to paperboard under the EARTH PACT® promise. It is manufactured in an odorless process, without bleaching and it does not have whitening or dyeing chemicals. This process saves water and energy, and results in lower CO2 emissions.
EARTH PACT® is a commitment to the world, to future generations, and to the sustainability of the planet.
Organic certified by: Kiwa BCS Öko-Garantie GmbH.


ZACHI was born in honor of Zamora-Chinchipe, the province in Ecuador´s Amazonian region where traces of cacao were found in ancient artifacts dating back to 5,500 B.C. This important discovery established Ecuador as the native birthplace of cacao.

ZACHI was established in 2020 by a native Ecuadorian, Melissa Olivares Breen, and her husband Ryan Breen. Both coming from different cultures but passionate for chocolate, they were influenced by the consumption of healthy, organic food that is produced with social and environmental responsibility. Together, they decided to create a chocolate brand where people can feel confident in consuming a premium organic dark chocolate with many nutrition benefits, instead of feeling guilty for eating a sugary, poor quality, mass produced chocolate product that contains very little real cacao.

With the conviction that best flavor comes from the best ingredients, ZACHI products are made with the finest organic Ecuadorian cacao, known as ¨Fine Aroma Cacao¨, in combination with exotic healthy ingredients that enlighten the body and mind.

Melissa is the founder of ZACHI and comes from the country that has been recognized for producing the best cacao in the world, Ecuador. She recalls growing up in Ecuador and the happy moments spent on her family’s farm when her grandparents cultivated and harvested cacao as the primary family business, a tradition that her family carries on to this day. Creating ZACHI has meant bringing the best from home and one of the reasons why she is proud of her country, Fine Aroma Ecuadorian Cacao.

Where Chocolate was Born